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Lyn Headley laheadle at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 13:53:58 EDT 2015

[I have submitted the following issue but am posting here for the sake of

Pharo is used by software developers, and software developers depend on
packages. Therefore I believe that one of the first things a new Pharo user
will want to do is install packages written by others. But Pharo By Example
contains no mention of the ConfigurationOfXYZ method of installing packages
(and does not mention the configuration browser -- an awesome tool for new
users to get excited about what is out there). You could introduce these
topics without getting too deep into Metacello, but...

I also think Metacello should be introduced fairly early. Any application
will almost certainly have dependencies and it is important to be able to
load your application into a fresh image. Metacello is essential for this,
so it is essential for Pharo.

Chapter 8 could probably be expanded to include these topics, which are
more fundamental than Morphic or Seaside. Note that the Seaside chapter
recommends installing an old one-click image! This is a great chance to use

What do you think of this idea? And yes, I realize I can contribute this
myself, but I currently decline the commitment.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 5:42 AM, Dimitris Chloupis <kilon.alios at gmail.com>

> First of all thanks to all the people helping with the documentation.
> Now I think its the time to replace the old PBE with UPBE , we dont need
> to change the website just link to the newest pdf here
> https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-contribution/view/Books/job/UpdatedPharoByExample/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/book-result/UpdatedPharoByExample.pdf
> Because UPBE at this moment is light years ahead of PBE. I just added doc
> for Spotter, Dark Theme, and the new Nautilus icons.
> If any of you wants to fix something on UPBE and does not have the
> confidence to do it directly , because you dont understand Pillar or you
> dont feel confident yet with Pharo you can still help me tremendously by
> adding your comment , your corrected text or your addition documentation as
> github issue here and I will put it in the book ASAP.
> https://github.com/SquareBracketAssociates/UpdatedPharoByExample/issues
> I will be resolving at least one issue per week from now on to make sure
> that UPBE is being pushed forward and remains by far the most up to date
> documentation of Pharo anywhere in this universe. But I cannot guarantee
> for other universes.
> So please help , even a tiny bit of help is great because we can all make
> Pharo far easier for newcomers with much better documentation and expand
> UPBE to every direction.
> All hail Pharo !
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