[Pharo-users] Data Kitchen: A data visualization project powered by Pharo. Feedback welcomed.

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Wed Oct 14 20:07:51 EDT 2015


In my effort to more create more meaningful computer mediated 
experiences for me and other and to use Pharo as a medium for that I 
have proposed the following project:


- Name: Data Kitchen: Frictionless data, moldable tools, pocket 
infrastructures & permanent workshops for community empowerment
- url: 


It combines the ideas of moldable tools, agile visualization in this 
community with some of other like frictionless data, by Open Knowledge 
Foundation and what I call "pocket infrastructures". Any feedback is 
welcomed. You can make it here in this list, but if you can made it on 
their platform, from a simple "heart" (+1) or drop me a line, it would 
be greatly appreciated and it will help to make more visible the project.



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