[Pharo-users] IS there TypePlug for Pharo or similar type annotation tool?

Peter Uhnák i.uhnak at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 14:50:38 EDT 2015


What options do we have in terms of type annotations in Pharo?

I stumbled upon TypePlug this
https://marcusdenker.de/talks/08ParisTypes/08ParisTypePlug.pdf (or rather
this http://scg.unibe.ch/archive/masters/Hald07a.pdf )

which enabled type annotation for Squeak such as
Fruit>>mixWith: aFruit <:type: Fruit :>
    ^ (Array with: self with: aFruit) <:type: Array E: Fruit :>
    ^ (Color orange) <:type: Color :>
(or even blocks)
[ :a1 <:type: Integer :> :a2 <:type: Integer :> | a1 + a2 ]

obviously something like this wouldn't even compile in Pharo (does Sqeak
have different syntax for pragmas, or did the TypePlug change the syntax?)

And my question is... is there a port of this, or something similar?

I've also found this
Which is a framework for integrated testing that uses pragmas such as
makeBatchWithdrawalOn: aDate note: aString
  <fitTakes: #(#{Date} #{String})>
  <fitReturns: #{Fixture}>
  ^(BatchWithdrawalFixture date: aDate note: aString)
      systemUnderTest: systemUnderTest

Right now I am exploring what options we have in Pharo in terms of type
annotations (before writing yet-another-library ;-)).

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