[Pharo-users] Analysis/Visualizations of DBs

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Oct 2 08:34:04 EDT 2015


we have many nice analysis and visualizations tools available (Moose, Roassal, ViDi, ...)
Often it is focused on development or code. Also we have refactoring tools.

What would be cool would be to have some tool for doing this on (relational) databases and 
included data: 

 - visualize databases (tables, data clusters, number of columns, ...)
 - analyze tables on satisfying some (external) business constraints 
   and consistency rules
 - refactoring of databases (moving, migrating colums, ...)
 - easy building reports/visualizations of included data (extract, query, filter, ...)

What I think of is a tool where (after connecting to a possibly unknown database) you can easily
get/build an overview on the design, quality and data of the database (similar to what Moose, ViDi does 
for code). 

Is there any research, projects, ... for data mining already in Pharo? I guess this could make 
up a great toolset with Pharo as a base and make it more known because in the software business 
relational databases play a big role. 

Any takers for the next Pharo success story? ;)


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