[Pharo-users] Pharo 3.0 image shrink

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 13:46:54 EDT 2014

Hi Stef,

Yes it is tedious, I had fairly success with Pharo 1.4 to get it down to
about 10MB for DrGeo release image.

So, in the mean time, I will take a try with your suggestion and see how
the cleaning for 1.4 worked now.



Le 15/03/2014 18:39, Pharo4Stef a écrit :
> Hi hilaire
> pay attention unloading is a pain (this is why unreloader does not try to nicely unload).
> The goal of unreloader is to make sure that we get good configuration to load from pavel mini image.
> Now unreloader does crash the vm on mac. So comment the checkState method and normally you should 
> get a system without some of the tool.
> If you want to help we can work on that toegther. (first I want to finish the pass I want to do on the catalog).
> Stef
> On 15 Mar 2014, at 16:29, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire.fernandes at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to look at shrinking Pharo 3.0 image for iStoa. In that context I
>> don't need anymore the developer tools
>> In Pharo 1.4 I experimented with unload-packages-and see-of-it-broke-or
>> not-the-image.
>> Do we have a better way to do it with 3.0?
>> Which package to remove and how? I remember the other of unloading matter.
>> I just tried UnReloader package. But "UnReloader new unload" turn my
>> Pharo display all white. However, it looks like it is still working. Is
>> it normal?
>> Thanks
>> Hilaire
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>> Dr. Geo http://drgeo.eu

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