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Hi Kilon,

Indeed, I was not explicit about the API.

As Thierry said, the API is Glamour. Glamour is described in two book
- http://www.themoosebook.org/book/internals/glamour/
- Glamour chapter in Deep Into Pharo

More examples on how to use Glamour can be found directly in code. For
example, just download a Moose 5.0 image and do:
GLMBasicExamples open

Glamour is an engine by itself, but for the inspector you mainly need the
presentations, which are essentially widgets that can be parameterized
through blocks. A custom presentation like this typically requires one
method. If you want to get examples of how to apply it for the inspector,
you can use the inspector to answer that question, as described here:

In my image, I have 144 such extensions taking on average 9 lines of code.

This inspector is a piece of the future of the IDE and it embodies the
metaphor of moldability that we introduced, according to which tools have
to become dead cheap to extend and customize during development (you can
actually extend the inspector from within the inspector). This enables new
ways of approaching problems that are not possible in classic environments.

You can get some more insight of the direction we are taking by watching
the talks from gt.moosetechnology.org.


On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 8:28 PM, kilon alios <kilon.alios at gmail.com> wrote:

> "But I don't understand it that well either, I just look at examples:
> find another inspector pane that looks or acts the way you want and go from
> there."
> I think its reasonable to assume that if someone does not find
> documentation will at least try to find examples. But example dont tell the
> full story , they dont describe intent, the why and the how, they only
> describe the what.
> In any case thanks for the pointers, I have not considered GTInspector and
> GT tools and I should have because they really back some very useful
> features and they seem quite customisable.


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