[Pharo-users] Beginner's question / zinc w/ seaside...

Cameron Sanders camsanders at aol.com
Thu Jun 7 14:09:10 EDT 2012

Hi All.

Can someone please point me to the documentation on how to register my apps
when using Zinc & Seaside? And/or advise me on how to proceed. Thanks in

1. I started with a clean Pharo-1.4. I pulled in Seaside, and some of my
class DpFnSeriesProcessorReportQuery.

2. Then I manually started Zinc via ZnServer vi "ZnServer startDefaultOn:

Opening  a browser gave me the default Zinc page(s).

3. Later (after struggling to get my app registered) I spotted the Seaside
Control Panel on the menu, I did a "ZnServer shutDown". Followed by opened
the Seaside control panel.

4. In the Seaside control panel I added the Zinc Adaptor, and clicked the
"Start" button.

Opening a browser gave me the familiar Seaside intro/config pages. But
minutes later... it was back to the Zinc default pages.  [Perhaps I had
another pharo-seaside image running ... and didn't notice??]

5. I stopped & started the server through the Seaside control panel, *but I
still get the zinc pages.*

Separately, I played with variations on ...

DpFnSeriesProcessorReportQuery class>>initialize

which is DpFnSeriesProcessorReportQuery registerAsApplication: 'reports'.

WAAdmin register: DpFnSeriesProcessorReportQuery asApplicationAt: 'reports'.
At present, I see 'reports' registered in the "Request Handler Browser"
launched from the Seaside control panel, but I am unable to get to the
pages as noted up in list-item #5.

Any advice or guidance is most welcome!

Thank You!
PS: Stef, I had drafted a few paragraphs describing our usage/application
involving Pharo, but then the guy I asked to review it went on vacation,
then I was out of the office, then the financial markets distracted us --
clients first! I have not forgotten, and I still plan to donate, but more
later, on a separate thread.
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