[Pharo-users] Adding Websocket support to Zinc

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Tue Jul 31 15:48:27 EDT 2012

Hi andy

How much money would it be?
In the past ESUG supported open-source bounty so may be you can contact them too.


> I think we need Websocket support built into Pharo.  So, rather than talk about it, I have contracted with Sven to build it into Zinc. We hope to have a running version in the early Autumn. 
> The purpose of this email is:
> 	• To let everyone know that we will have Websocket support soon
> 	• To ask if anyone else feels that they would gain commercial benefit from using this feature, and if so, whether they would like to help cover the cost.  If so, please drop me an email.
> Cheers
> Andy

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