[Pharo-users] How do you guys navigate while editing code?

Patrik Sundberg patrik.sundberg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 14:31:11 EDT 2012

Thanks for that list. That should hopefully teach me some tricks - my right
hand is dying using the mouse as much as I am right now :)

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 6:31 PM, Johan Fabry <jfabry at dcc.uchile.cl> wrote:

> Hi Patrik,
> have you had a look at
> book.pharo-project.org/book/Tidbits/KeyboardShortcuts ? Does it answer
> your question? If not, it would be good to have that page updated.
> On 31 Jul 2012, at 13:07, Patrik Sundberg wrote:
> Hi,
> Jumping in as a smalltalk beginner I am, as one would expect, feeling
> frustrated by not knowing my way around. Can see lots of cool stuff but all
> the mouse action is killing me. I'm a vim(+tmux) guy by background so the
> contrast is vast, I usually never need to touch my mouse when programming.
> I was trying to find some keyboard shortcuts to do things like "jump to
> method within class with fuzzy search logic" (type a few characters and get
> list etc) or "jump to the method/class under which the cursor is located".
> The jump to selected needs text selection which seems really awkward (even
> when selecting with keyboard), my 90% case is to jump to what's under the
> cursor. The global find class and find methods are good, but most of the
> time I'm interested in "local" navigation in the current class while
> jumping back and forth between methods in same class.
> I find more things in Nautilus since I can list the shortcuts there, but
> quite a few doesn't seem to work and I'm not having much luck using
> nautilus in 1.4 (and 2.0 too edgy for me right now, need metacello to load
> things cleanly etc at least). In OB in 1.4 I'm not able to figure out how
> to get a list of shortcuts apart from what's annotated in menus
> Guess my question is - how does a keyboard centric person like me learn
> keyboard shortcuts and get productive in the image, more specifically 1.4
> and OB? How can I work out what keyboard shortcuts exist?
> Thanks!
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