[Pharo-users] How do you guys navigate while editing code?

Patrik Sundberg patrik.sundberg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 13:07:39 EDT 2012


Jumping in as a smalltalk beginner I am, as one would expect, feeling
frustrated by not knowing my way around. Can see lots of cool stuff but all
the mouse action is killing me. I'm a vim(+tmux) guy by background so the
contrast is vast, I usually never need to touch my mouse when programming.

I was trying to find some keyboard shortcuts to do things like "jump to
method within class with fuzzy search logic" (type a few characters and get
list etc) or "jump to the method/class under which the cursor is located".
The jump to selected needs text selection which seems really awkward (even
when selecting with keyboard), my 90% case is to jump to what's under the
cursor. The global find class and find methods are good, but most of the
time I'm interested in "local" navigation in the current class while
jumping back and forth between methods in same class.

I find more things in Nautilus since I can list the shortcuts there, but
quite a few doesn't seem to work and I'm not having much luck using
nautilus in 1.4 (and 2.0 too edgy for me right now, need metacello to load
things cleanly etc at least). In OB in 1.4 I'm not able to figure out how
to get a list of shortcuts apart from what's annotated in menus

Guess my question is - how does a keyboard centric person like me learn
keyboard shortcuts and get productive in the image, more specifically 1.4
and OB? How can I work out what keyboard shortcuts exist?

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