[Pharo-users] Zinc downloadTo: help required

Chris cpmbailey at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 21 11:52:28 EDT 2012

On 20/07/2012 18:30, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:
> On 20 Jul 2012, at 18:22, Chris wrote:
>> Thanks for that. I'm actually still having a bit of trouble when the file is bigger than the chunk size. ZnChunkedReadStream>>#readInto:startingAt:count: uses a limit variable which is bigger than the collection and requestedCount.
> I won't be able to do anything until the beginning of August.
> It would be really helpful if you could provide me with an actual test case that fails.

Okay thanks Sven, I'll see what I can do. I am just working with a third party server which is sending chunks of 1mb (which I assume is valid) and I think Zinc just needs to support chunks bigger than the 16k in the above method


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