[Pharo-users] alpha testers wanted for app to go Pharo Android

Robert Shiplett grshiplett at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 15:33:03 EDT 2012


This little app is still in MIT Curl in alpha, but I will move to
Android in at least two or three forms

  - when Pharo is ready

 - when Curl CAEDE is ready ( Japanese for "maple" Kaede ) at curl.com

 - if Red replaces Rebol3

MIT Curl is now owned by Tokyo's SCSK Corp but some pieces are
open-source libraries on sourceforge.net

Curl is the markup for which I have advocated on the Seaside beach on
occasion ( there is still some SGML-bias is a couple of Seaside 3
classes ;-)

For a snapshot see   http://passphrases.aule-browser.com  (plain JPG
in plain-old HTML page )

The app is a mnemonics utility for recalling a passphrase which you
may have forgotten.

Passphrases should be randomly generated as more secure alternatives
to passwords.

The app uses 4-part passphrases of 4 or 5-letter words.  User must
recall the punctuation separating the words.

At the moment the words are all upper-case.

Current word lists are English, but Curl is UNICODE, so many to follow.

First ALPHA feedback requested

   How Annoying is the app already ? (no login, no entry dialog, one
passphrase to recognize )

   For the URL, please respond to robert -AT- aule-browser.com or to
this post or to robert -AT- logiquewerks.com

Thanks / merci / danke / gracias / спасибо

Robert / Fredericton NB / Canada
2 decades in Smalltalk
( and other ; when I want java, I brew some more coffee ; why C# when
you could just play D-flat ? )

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