[Pharo-users] Weird behavior with my 1.4 image - windows not responding anymore

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Thu Jul 12 07:05:08 EDT 2012

I've been experiencing a weird behavior with an image.

This is an image from 25/6/12 that I left in a corner.

I opened it back with the same VM I was using (CogVM on Mac) and windows
were there and all but unresponsive.

I can get the list of morphs with a shift-click on the background and
delete them but they otherwise appear dead (not reacting to clicks,
keystrokes etc).

But the world menu shows and opens new windows without problems. These
windows do work.

I activated TWM, which sees the objects and is able to layout things
properly. But this doesn't help in getting things active again.

Anybody having experienced that? It is a 1.4 image.

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