[Pharo-users] Announcements - where do I start?

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Thu Jul 12 07:01:02 EDT 2012

Hi Phil,

Announcement are very simple, there is not much to it. It is all about decoupling.

If you read some basic overview and looked at the code, you known probably more than enough to start.

Another example you could look at it the Zn logging mechanism, category 'Zinc-HTTP-Logging'.

At the system level there are some finer/subtle points, but for normal code it is pretty straightforward I think.


On 12 Jul 2012, at 12:51, phil at highoctane.be wrote:

> I have been reading about announcements but can't really get how they work.
> Is there someone having a little sample or two for me? The PBE2 book sheds some light on the subject but not enough to comprehend for me. I need some samples to work from.
> Where should I look?
> Phil

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