[Pharo-dev] AWS SDK for Pharo

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 11:00:58 EST 2019

Richard Prinz made one for Google's APIs

The code is here:

https://github.com/seandenigris/St-Google-API (also Sean -  maybe merge them
PRs! :) )

The blog post describing what he did is here:


Maybe Amazon publishes a similar resource you can use.

Stefan Krecher-3 wrote
> Hi,
> I'm aware that there is already an AWS SDK implementation for Smalltalk (
> https://github.com/newapplesho/aws-sdk-smalltalk )
> This implementation doesn't seem to be a complete implementation to access
> all AWS services.
> Using a live-programming environment like Pharo would be so cool,
> flexible,
> productive and intuitive to control/ manage AWS resources - but
> implementing the SDK by hand is probably not a good idea, since it would
> be
> so hard to keep it up-to-date, because AWS adds new features weekly ...
> I contacted the AWS enterprise support and they gave me some great hints.
> There are many 3rd party SDK's available that utilizes the json files
> provided in botocore to automatically generate SDKs: Botocore:
> https://github.com/boto/botocore
> <https://github.com/boto/botocore>Example service.json:
> <https://github.com/boto/botocore>
> https://github.com/boto/botocore/blob/develop/botocore/data/ecs/2014-11-13/service-2.json
> They can then automatically generate an SDK based off of these json
> definitions. One example of this is Rusoto, the AWS SDK for Rust:
> Rusoto: https://github.com/rusoto/rusoto Automatic generation portion:
> https://github.com/rusoto/rusoto/tree/master/service_crategen
> Would anyone interested in supporting this kind of project?
> What would be a good starting-point?
> Although I am (to be honest: I was) a Smalltalk-Programmer, I have too
> little experience with Pharo - but maybe others might find this useful. It
> would also be useful to "spread the word" - AWS scripting/ automation is
> so
> popular, there would be so many occasions to showcase Pharo + AWS or to
> create Products that are based on AWS services.
> Regards
> Stefan

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