[Pharo-dev] AWS SDK for Pharo

Stefan Krecher stefan.krecher at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 06:37:29 EST 2019

I'm aware that there is already an AWS SDK implementation for Smalltalk (
https://github.com/newapplesho/aws-sdk-smalltalk )
This implementation doesn't seem to be a complete implementation to access
all AWS services.
Using a live-programming environment like Pharo would be so cool, flexible,
productive and intuitive to control/ manage AWS resources - but
implementing the SDK by hand is probably not a good idea, since it would be
so hard to keep it up-to-date, because AWS adds new features weekly ...
I contacted the AWS enterprise support and they gave me some great hints.
There are many 3rd party SDK's available that utilizes the json files
provided in botocore to automatically generate SDKs: Botocore:
<https://github.com/boto/botocore>Example service.json:
They can then automatically generate an SDK based off of these json
definitions. One example of this is Rusoto, the AWS SDK for Rust:
Rusoto: https://github.com/rusoto/rusoto Automatic generation portion:

Would anyone interested in supporting this kind of project?
What would be a good starting-point?
Although I am (to be honest: I was) a Smalltalk-Programmer, I have too
little experience with Pharo - but maybe others might find this useful. It
would also be useful to "spread the word" - AWS scripting/ automation is so
popular, there would be so many occasions to showcase Pharo + AWS or to
create Products that are based on AWS services.

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