[Pharo-dev] Startup Metacello Error

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Tue Feb 26 13:17:15 EST 2019

While loading a project from a class-side #startUp: method, I'm getting a DNU
#ifTrue:ifFalse which seemed to come from somewhere deep inside Metacello
[1]. On the Metacello ML, Dale suggested that the startup mechanism might be
the cause:

> MetacelloSkipDirtyPackageLoad is a subclass of Notification, so if some
> piece of code is catching Notification or above and doing a simple resume,
> then you've found your culprit ... sounds like something startup code
> might do when the system isn't able to handle GUI interaction ... but it's
> a pretty harsh solution ...

This same code was not throwing an error on P6.1. Has something changed re
startup in P7 that could account for this error?


[1] The top of the call chain is:
DoItIn: arg1
	^ (MetacelloSkipDirtyPackageLoad signal: self)
		ifTrue: [ | tmp2 |
			tmp2 := Transcript.
				show: 'Skipping load of modified package: ' , self file.
			arg1 home return: self ]
		ifFalse: [ | tmp4 |
			tmp4 := Transcript.

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