[Pharo-dev] Proposal to remove [Stream|Collection]>>#write:

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at stfx.eu
Fri Feb 22 09:39:27 EST 2019


Did you know that both Stream and Collection respond to #write: (as an alias to #<< and #add: respectively) ? I sure did not (and I did quite a bit of stream hacking).

This selector is not used for these 2 receiver types in the standard image (except for one unit test), I never saw it being used in actual code.

These are just aliases that add nothing but cognitive load.

They make the API's of two important hierarchies (and especially the interface for non-inheriting classes) heavier than needed for no functional benefit.

So I propose to remove [Stream|Collection]>>#write:

What say thou ?


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