[Pharo-dev] Question on KmGlobalDispatcher

David Richards david.i.richards.iii at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 11:37:59 EST 2019

Why does the class name KmGlobalDispatcher have a small 'm'?

Should it be more consistently named KMGlobalDispatcher, as all other
classes in package: 'Keymapping-Core'?

Object subclass: #KmGlobalDispatcher
instanceVariableNames: 'dispatcher'
classVariableNames: ''
package: 'Keymapping-Core'

Just curious why this name seems inconsistent. I don't recall seeing an
inconsistency with class name prefixes in any other package group. Is this
just a mistake, or rather an opportunity to learn something interesting
about how classes should be named in Pharo? As a beginner, I'm not sure

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