[Pharo-dev] The HiDPI Issue

Eric Gade eric.gade at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 09:50:56 EST 2019


> Would you volunteer for early testing of windowing driven from Image side
> of headless-VM ?

Yeah I would love to help test this. However, there's a good chance I'm
going to return this new laptop for its lower resolution variant (I have a
System76 Galago Pro). The HiDPI situation in Linux is, for the moment, not
especially great. Some if it has to do with the whole X vs Wayland (vs
NVIDIA) fiasco. But other than that, this is definitely something I'd be
willing to help out with.


> Eric - I had the same feeling a few years ago when I got a retina laptop
> and found Pharo a bit fuzzy on the eyes (although it’s true that with time
> you start to notice it less)
I think Apple has some secret sauce when dealing with scaling across
different applications on their Retina displays. Xorg and friends do not
have this magic on the Linux side. On a 3k 13/14inch screen, without
switching my monitors resolution down in the settings, Pharo is downright
microscopic (I don't have my new laptop with me otherwise I'd post a
screenshot). The only way to deal with this is to completely switch my
resolution and scaling factors at the system settings level every time I
want to use Pharo. For other applications this might involve a restart,
too, which is no bueno.

The GToolkit stuff is promising and I had been waiting for this
Bloc-in-external-window capability. With regard to the HiDPI stuff, it
doesn't make a difference on Linux -- it's just as "small" as anything in
the main Morphic window. Again, I think this is because Apple (maybe
Windows too?) has more control over their whole graphics stack and can
perform some kind of magic to deal with scaling across applications.

Thanks for the replies, all.
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