[Pharo-dev] How does Metacello decide what is already loaded ?

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Thu Feb 14 19:50:11 EST 2019

On 2/14/19 11:28 AM, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:
> OK, where is the registry, how does it work, where can I read about it ?

`MetacelloProjectRegistration registry` ... It is a private registry of 
loaded baselines and configurations used by Metacello. It's been around 
roughly 6-7 years or so (ever since I added git support to Metacello and 
when I create the `Metacello new` style of launching Metacello loads)  
... 6-7 years ago I wrote a first cut of documentation that Torsten 
references, but at that time no one cared about the features I had added 
to Metacello, because, well they pretty much applied to git-based 
support and using and the `Metacello new` style of launching Metacello 
and  it was hard enought to get folks to use `Metacello new` by itself, 
let alone any of the "new features" ...

Metacello started out (2009) supporting Monticello repositories 
(ConfigurationOf) and then transitioned (2012)  to supporting git 
repositories (BaselineOf). Much of the complexity in Metacello is a 
carry over from Monticello support ... and isn't really needed.

Today (2018) I am working on Rowan which is/will be a wholesale 
replacement for Monticello/Metacello and the specifications for what 
packages will be loaded is simplified quite a bit ...

So it is a bit ironic, that real interest in how Metacello works comes 
at a time when I am well on my way to finishing a replacement for 
Metacello:) Okay this is not entirely true ... over the years I have 
been quizzed by folks and if you look through the pharo mailing list 
archives, you'll probably see that I've written a few long-winded mails 
answering questions or trying to describe how things work:)

> Let's make this more concrete: I load Bootstrap which will load Seaside and I load Material Design Lite which will load Seaside. Will Seaside be loaded twice ? On what does this depend ? How can we as a community make sure we are talking about the same Seaside ?
> That is essentially my question.
> I know it is not an easy question, but I find it an important one.
First there is the Monticello "mcz file" answer, which applies to real 
.mcz files and filetree repositories with Monticello meta data.

The simplest case is a project without dependencies.

When a Metacello load is kicked off, Metacello evaluates the 
configuration or baseline specification and determines the  list of 
packages in load order that are needed to satisfy the specification. 
Metacello then traverses the list and compares the mcz version of the 
Monticello package working copy in the image with the mcz version of the 
Monticello package on disk those Monticello packages that are newer than 
the loaded packages are then loaded into the image .... (how the 
packages are loaded is dependent upon whether not using are using 
#atomic or #linear loads).

If there is a project dependency, Metacello determines the version of 
the project that is loaded in the image (looking in the registry) and 
compares that to the incoming version of the project. If the incoming 
project version is greater than or equal to the loaded project (this is 
a simplification of reality, since individual loads can be customized to 
allow or disallow a number of conflicts and or default decisions made by 
Metacello), the packages from the dependent project are added to the 
list of packages in load order ...

This process is repeated until all dependent projects are accounted for ...

If a dependency loop is encountered as you suggest, Metacello will 
choose to load the latest version of the dependent project ...

In general Metacello loads the latest version of a project encountered 
and the latest version of package encountered ...

If you inspect/print the result `Metacello new ... record` you will see 
a collection of load directives, which details which packages will be 
loaded the order that they will be loaded.

Here's an example printed load directive from a GemStone image I happen 
to have open (Seaside is not loaded):

[ Metacello new
  baseline: 'Seaside3'; record ] on: Warning do: [:ex | ex resume ].

  linear load :
	linear load : baseline [BaselineOfSeaside3]
		load : BaselineOfGLASS1
	linear load : baseline [BaselineOfSeaside3]
		load : BaselineOfGrease
	linear load : baseline [BaselineOfSeaside3]
		load : BaselineOfGrease
	linear load : baseline [BaselineOfSeaside3]
		linear load : baseline [BaselineOfGLASS1]
			load : BaselineOfGrease
		linear load : baseline [BaselineOfGLASS1]
			load : BaselineOfMetacello
		linear load : baseline [BaselineOfGLASS1]
			linear load : 1.0-alpha2.2 [ConfigurationOfGoferProjectLoader]
			load : Network-Url
			linear load : baseline [BaselineOfGrease]
				atomic load : 0.250 [ConfigurationOfGsCore]
					load : Network-Url-dkh.2
				atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
				load : Grease-Core
				atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
				atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
				load : Grease-GemStone-Core
				load : Grease-GemStone330-Core
				load : Grease-Tests-Core
				load : Grease-Tests-GemStone-Core.v32
			linear load : baseline [BaselineOfMetacello]
				load : BaselineOfFileTree
			linear load : baseline [BaselineOfMetacello]
				load : Metacello-Base
				load : Metacello-Core
				load : Metacello-MC
				load : Metacello-Platform.gemstone
				load : Metacello-ToolBox
				load : Metacello-Cypress
				load : Metacello-Tutorial
				load : Metacello-TestsCore
				load : Metacello-TestsMCResources
				load : Metacello-TestsCommonMC.common
				load : Metacello-TestsMCCore
				load : Metacello-TestsTutorial
				linear load : baseline [BaselineOfFileTree]
					load : MonticelloFileTree-Core
					load : MonticelloFileTree-FileDirectory-Utilities
				load : Metacello-GS3x-Platform
				load : Metacello-FileTree
				load : Metacello-GitBasedRepository
				load : Metacello-GitHub
				load : Metacello-Bitbucket
				load : Metacello-Reference
				load : Metacello-TestsReference
				load : Metacello-TestsMC
				load : Metacello-TestsMCB
				load : Metacello-TestsCypress
				load : Metacello-TestsMCA
				load : Metacello-TestsPlatform.gemstone
				load : Metacello-GemStone-TestsMCB
			load : GemStone-Interactions
			load : Core.v3
			load : GemStone-Compression
			load : Core322x
			load : Base-Bootstrap.v3
			load : Bootstrap.v34
			load : GemStone-ANSI-Streams
			load : GemStone-Indexing-Extensions.v34
			load : OmniBrowser
			load : OB-GemStone-Platform
			load : Squeak.v34
			load : Regex-Core
			load : Regex-Tests-Core
			load : GsSqueakCommon-Core
			load : GsSqueakCommon-CoreV30
			load : PackageInfo-Base.g
			load : Monticello.v34
			load : MonticelloGs.v33
			load : GemStone-Deployment.v310
			load : Change-Notification.v310
			load : OB-Standard.v3
			load : OB-Monticello
			load : OB-SymbolListBrowser
			load : OB-SUnitIntegration
			load : OB-SUnitGUI.g
			load : Announcements
			load : OB-Tools.v33
			load : JadeServer
			load : GemStone-Release-Support
		load : Seaside-Squeak-Compatibility
		linear load : baseline [BaselineOfGrease]
			atomic load : 0.250 [ConfigurationOfGsCore]
				load : Core.v3-dkh.78
				load : Core322x-dkh.2
				load : Base-Bootstrap.v3-dkh.29
				load : Bootstrap.v34-dkh.261
				load : GemStone-ANSI-Streams-dkh.9
				load : GemStone-Indexing-Extensions-dkh.3
				load : Squeak.v34-dkh.339
				load : Regex-Core-DaleHenrichs.3
				load : Regex-Tests-Core-DaleHenrichs.5
			atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
				load : Announcements.v3-dkh.18
				load : GemStone-Release-Support-dkh.67
			load : Grease-Core
			atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
			atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
			load : Grease-GemStone-Core
			load : Grease-GemStone330-Core
			load : Grease-Tests-Core
			load : Grease-Tests-GemStone-Core.v32
		load : Seaside-Continuation
		linear load : baseline [BaselineOfGrease]
			atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
			load : Grease-Core
			atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
			atomic load : 0.243 [ConfigurationOfGsMisc]
			load : Grease-GemStone-Core
			load : Grease-GemStone330-Core
			load : Grease-Tests-Core
			load : Grease-Tests-GemStone-Core.v32
		load : Seaside-Core
		load : Seaside-GemStone320-Core
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Core
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Basic-Development
		load : Seaside-Tests-Core
		load : Seaside-Tests-GemStone-Core
		load : Seaside-Email
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Email
		load : Seaside-Canvas
		load : Seaside-JSON-Core
		load : Seaside-GemStone-JSON-Core
		load : Javascript-Core
		load : Javascript-GemStone-Core
		load : JQuery-Core
		load : JQuery-UI
		load : JQuery-JSON
		load : Seaside-Session
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Session
		load : Seaside-Component
		load : Seaside-Widgets
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Tools-Production
		load : Seaside-RenderLoop
		load : Seaside-Tools-Core
		load : Seaside-Tools-Web
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Tools-Web
		load : Seaside-Flow
		load : Seaside-Development
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Development
		load : Seaside-Examples
		load : Seaside-Environment
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Environment
		load : Seaside-Tests-Functional
		load : Seaside-Tests-GemStone-Functional
		load : Seaside-Tests-Flow
		load : Seaside-Tests-GemStone-Flow
		load : Seaside-Welcome
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Welcome
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Continuation
		load : Seaside-Tests-GemStone-Continuation
		load : Seaside-GemStone-Flow

I started off talking about the Monticello load with Monticello meta 
data ... If you've got a metadataless repository and you've got a 
projectClass method in the baseline that references 
MetacelloCypressBaselineProject, then Metacello will ignore the mcz 
version calculation and load all of the packages from the target 
repository (which because of git, are all of the proper version). 
Metacello relies on the fact that Monticello does a package definition 
comparison before loading which means that only the changed definitions 
will actually be loaded ...

If you don't have a projectClass method in your baseline in a 
metadataless repository, then Metacello _will_ apply the mcz version 
rule and because all of the mcz version for packages in a metadataless 
repository is 1, Metacello will not load anything at all ... the second 
time you try to load the project in the repository ...


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