[Pharo-dev] Esteban's ChangeLog week of 4 February 2019

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Mon Feb 11 12:20:21 EST 2019

NorbertHartl wrote
>> Or FixedLayout :P. Because actually it's not absolute, it's relative to
>> its parent xD.
> The layout is absolute for the component it is applied to. Doesn’t matter
> if the component itself is layouted relative to something else. We don’t
> need to try hard to come up with new terms just be different to e.g. CSS 

Only skimmed the thread, but +1 to leaning heavily to accepted domain terms
even if they are not "perfect". IMHO, for common domains, the tower of babel
creates more accidental complexity than imperfect names.

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