[Pharo-dev] atRandom & integer agnosticism

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Mon Feb 11 07:23:40 EST 2019

The "random" index for atRandom is, basically, computed prngOutput mod:

For large selection ranges, it fails because the period of the PRNG used by
atRandom is 2^30th, with the output an integer in the range 1 - 2^30th. (in
other words, the prng is a repeating sequence of every number between 1 and

That means: 
- There will be bias when the range you pick from approaches 2^30th. 
- There will be gaps (indexes that won't ever be picked) once you pass

The reason is techical; the default RNG is a reasonable compromise between
speed, memory, and usable range.
If the intended use requires a larger range, an appropriate random number
generator can be provided using atRandom: 
It certainly could give an error and/or select another RNG automatically if
outside applicable range, but no one has been bothered enough to do either,


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