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> Dear All,
> At the consortium meeting we discussed the possibility to have a mini-Roassal included in Pharo8. Many opportunities exist: displaying graph of commits in iceberg, displaying UML within the code browser, visualizing dependencies between packages.
> We are motivated about it, and we should produce a runnable proposal ready to be evaluated by the community within a couple of months. 
> Does it make sense? Any thought about it? Do you have a wishlist?
> I will not be be strongly against it because I see benefits, but IHMO we need to reduce the size of Pharo image.
> Might be interesting to have charts included in the base.
> A+
I don’t agree. Why should we reduce the size of the default image? It should show a lot of things you can do with pharo. As everything is loaded from bootstrap we can have now every size of the image we want. I would rather see an official minimal image that people will download for building their software. But the development should contain everything that eases development and shows what pharo can do.
The critical border to me is what we provide in documentation. On the one hand we could benefit from powerful code documentation. But this could conflict with the minimum image we provide where people work on and these tools would be missing.


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