[Pharo-dev] Iceberg UI feedback - synchronise v. status

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Mon Jan 29 08:16:13 EST 2018

I hear Iceberg UI is getting a redesign.
To feed into that... I'm trying to analyse myself, why I've not been
comfortable with the "Synchronise..." menu item.   I think maybe its
because that term feels like an "action" that going to "do something"
when I'm not sure what that something is.    But as I'm getting
familiar with Iceberg it seems that "Synchronise" might not change the
state of anything, but first shows current "status" like a combination
of  `git status` and `git diff`  from the shell, and presents buttons
and tabs where you *then* perform actions that actually change the
state of the system.

So I may have the wrong end of the stick, but perhaps replacing
"Synchronise..." with "Status..." might seem less intimidating.

cheers -ben

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