[Pharo-dev] Tonel code?

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Sun Jan 14 12:20:45 EST 2018


I have a port of Tonel to GemStone[1] that runs against both Monticello 
and CypressReferenceImplementation[2]. I have yet to merge my work back 
into pharo-vcs/tonel, because I'm waiting for Tonel to stabilize and 
well ... I'm also busy:).

It might be useful for you to see how I've spliced in readers and 
writers for both Monticello and CypressReferenceImplementation.

The CypressReferenceImplementation was written by Richard Sargent as a 
non-Monticello-based package loader and has been ported to VW and 
GemStone. Richard's work was based on some work that I had done in 
creating a Cypress format[3] loader for Cuis[4] The 
CypressReferenceImplementation is definition-based like Monticello, but 
the definition model has been pared down to bare essentials. It was 
written to be a reference implementation for other non-Monticello-based 
Smalltalk platforms.

Unless you already have a native definition-based system you should look 
at the CypressReferenceImplementation for inspiration.

Anyway, I'd be willing to answer any questions you have on the work I've 
done with Tonel and the CypressReferenceImplementation and I'd 
especially be interested on any improvements you migiht suggest as I'm 
currently working on a second generation implementation of the 
CypressReferenceImplementation called Rowan[5] that is targeted for 
inclusion in the next GemStone release:)


[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/tonel
[3] https://github.com/CampSmalltalk/Cypress
[4] https://github.com/CampSmalltalk/cuis-cypress

On 1/13/18 7:56 AM, Javier Pimás wrote:
> Hi, I wanted to do some dialect porting experiments. I want to export 
> to pharo using tonel file format and got some questions.
> 1. Is this the main source? https://github.com/pharo-vcs/tonel 
> <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/tonel>
> 2. Is it already loaded in pharo 7?
> 3. Seems to have dependencies with monticello, how hard would it be to 
> have a port without monticello/port the needed monticello dependencies?
> 4. Any advice?
> Cheers,
> Javier
> -- 
> Javier Pimás
> Ciudad de Buenos Aires

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