[Pharo-dev] Blame support P7

Stephane Ducasse stepharo.self at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 08:17:22 EST 2018

I think that some people are talking without really understanding. Let
me shed some light

- Iceberg uses the Monticello meta model to compute models and store
information in Git (files).
- Now Monticello just stores the information in zip files.
- In addition Pharo itself is doing the diff model and does not let
git doing the diff between models.
So I do not understand why Iceberg is less Smalltalk centric than Envy
or Store (BTW about store
I would have a lot to say about the industrial strength of the product
- one db expert look at the model
and he was realllllllly surprised.).

- Now what Git gives us is that we can manage C, Pharo, PNG, css, ....
the same way.
In addition you may not like git (I do not like git personally but I
really love the model) and we
need to have a real decentralized source versioning control system. We
are not afraid by sharing :)
and collaborating. The world is using Git and we are too.
The situation will improve and it will continue to improve.

Now it looks like the great smalltalk community does not like when
people get some traction.
I cannot do much for them. Do not participate, complain and tell us
that we are plain idiots and that this is our fault.
Now nobody force anyone to use Pharo.

We will continue and I'm confident that we will have success.


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> Subject: Re: [Pharo-dev] Blame support P7
>>Then why on /earth/ would one stop using Smalltalk in /the most central part/ of the collaborative programming >process, version control?  This is a huge blunder.
> +1000
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