[Pharo-dev] [squeak-dev] Re: [vwnc] Does anyone have a "new" string literal?

DavidLeibs david.leibs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 13:30:21 EST 2017

I realize this is a few years old but I wanted to give an update on my quest
for quasi-literals.  I did a complete quasi-literal framework for Java when
I moved over to Oracle Labs.  It used the annotation compiler + a few tweeks
to the scanner and parser.  You could extend the name space of the
quasi-literal and have inline SQL or APL.  All the parsing, validation, and
code rewriting happened at compile time. We proposed it to the Java Product
guys and got ignored to death. 

As to the characters I did backquote for simple quasi-literal Strings and
used Oxford Brackets for the quasi-literals with a language namespace. <|
...|>.  Back quote can be hard to see but is nice for String substitute. 

At this point in time the language that does it most right is JavaScript. 
Thanks Mark Miller for all the hard work over the years! 

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