[Pharo-dev] Raw pane on byteStrings

stepharong stepharong at free.fr
Thu Feb 23 16:27:50 EST 2017

Hi andrei

Yes. The problem is that it makes the raw view sometimes totally useless  
as in my case.
I could not see anything I was interesting in.
I found the pagniator confusing a bit because it expands in the middle (it  
means that when I want to see 54 and over then I have to scroll in the  
because 50 is not a the top like in a book page.


> Hi Stef,
> Currently that's the default behaviour of the Raw view: it displays for  
> collections only the first and the last 21 elements. The Items view  
> however always should display all the elements of a >collection.
> The main problem with the Raw view in Pharo 5 is the speed. In Pharo 6  
> now the speed of the Raw view is greately improved so we could increase  
> those limits. Still for now there should still be >some limit for the  
> Raw view. Ideally we should add a small widget, something like a  
> paginator, for navigating through large and very large collections.
> Cheers,
> Andrei
> On Feb 23, 2017 19:35, "stepharong" <stepharong at free.fr> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm trying to debug citezen generation and I have to compare strings.
>> Now I think that the raw views (in Pharo 50) is not good because we  
>> cannot see all the items in raw format.
>> See the attachements. It jumps from 21 to 174 ...
>> and what I want to see is of course in the middle.
>> Is it me or there is something wrong there.
>> Stef

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