[Pharo-dev] 2 seconds default time limit for tests

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 08:31:03 EST 2017

2017-02-16 13:49 GMT+01:00 Guillermo Polito <guillermopolito at gmail.com>:

> I vote for not introducing during code-freeze.

I understand it but these behaviour was introduced in Pharo 6. And It is
already used quite long time. So it could be considered as small
improvements to already integrated feature.

> We can discuss it for Pharo 7, I'm not against actually. But I have some
> concerns:
> - How does it work when we are debugging?
> I mean, imagine I'm running a test, a debugger is open, and I start
> working on it. How do these timeout currently work in this scenario? I
> imagine that the test runner should detect you entered into a "I'm
> debugging" mode and should not kill your test, but this

It solved very easily. "Watchdog process" just checks that test process
isSuspended or not. If it is not suspended timeout is signalled. Test
process is suspended only when debugged.

> is not clear to me how this works right now.
> - Also, how can we better document these things? Because I was bitten a
> couple of times by this timeouts and the "I kill your process but I do not
> tell you", and it was not nice because it was completely silent or obscure.

Things which you show me I improved. Last days I fix Christophe issues
which was really important. Anyway "fork management in tests" is not
related to time limit of tests. And of course it is not supposed to make
troubles but instead it should make life easy :)
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