[Pharo-dev] Slack, fragmentation and design information

Esteban A. Maringolo emaringolo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 10:39:33 EST 2017

2017-02-10 21:09 GMT-03:00 Dimitris Chloupis <kilon.alios at gmail.com>:

> On Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 1:52 AM phil at highoctane.be <phil at highoctane.be>
> wrote:
>> Am still finding useful stuff on Squeak wiki, sorry.
>> The point of a Wiki is to capture discussions over a given topic and make
>> it grow into something more structured over time. Like original c2 wiki.

> I fail to see the problem here

It's not a problem, it's a dynamics thing. GitHub isn't the same, I
haven't seen big wikis hosted there for a long time. In the long run
Pareto appears, and only a fraction of the users create most of the
content, but it is still useful.

In my previous job we used Squeak's Swiki for years and then we
migrated it to Atlassian's Confluence (due to better user support),
and it is amazing how powerful and undervalued a wiki is.

If haven't used the c2 wiki or the squeak wiki then you haven't
experienced what it meant, at that time, to find everything there, or
expand articles with your own content. It was really useful, c2 still

Wiki's value is like compound interest, you only perceive the benefits
in the mid to long term.


Esteban A. Maringolo

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