[Pharo-dev] Segmentation fault while installing Scale

Andrey Tykhonov atykhonov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 14:42:15 EST 2017

Hi Clement,

> Hi Andrey,

> Thanks for providing both a way to reproduce and the log so we can have
> machine details. I see that the VM was compiled from build #589 on jenkins
> with VMMaker.oscog-eem.1855 and you're on Linux using x86 back-end.

> Scale works only on Linux and when I try the wget command from Mac it does
> not work so I can't reproduce right now.

> I suggest that for now you try to use one of the newer VMs (from
> http://files.pharo.org/vm/pharo-spur32/linux/ , you're
> using stable-20160504.zip, pick another one,

It seems, the latest VM is downloaded. It is downloaded by means of
the following command:

wget -O - get.pharo.org/50+vm | bash

Does it download old VM. Is this script outdated?

I suggest a more recent one
> than from May last year, either stable-20160623.zip
> or pharo-linux-i386itimer-201702061308-aa78f27.zip) and then use the
> "classic installation" to be able to use another VM than the one
> by the wget script until someone can have a look into your problem.

Could you please help, where could I get Pharo.image file which is
required to execute pharo/pharo-ui? If I use existing one (with a VM
taken from either stable-20160623.zip or
pharo-linux-i386itimer-201702061308-aa78f27.zip), the VM crashes. So,
it seems, I need another Pharo.image as well, right?

With the best regards,
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