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Dimitris Chloupis kilon.alios at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 13:09:01 EST 2017

Actually your numbers are pretty low

#blendercoders indeed has 187 , but those are the actual C coders working
on the blender source (which I do not do), so its an equivalent of our
phraro-dev, the equivalent of pharo-users is #blender with 360 members and
the #blenderpython with 70 members which are people like me that work on
blender addons using python (all these are online users of course)

BUT.... the blender community is enormous, its theorised since its
impossible to know for sure that is around 1 million users, both
professional and hobbists. As a result of this the community is highly
fragmanted as all community of similar size are because they are impossible
to be contained.

In Discord I am on 2 blender servers one has 175 online users and the other
75 online users. As such I have little reason anymore to use IRC and
especially Slack (the only thing in Slack of interest to me is Pharo).

Also I am a game developer and Discord has become the default online chat
tool for game developers and gamers aline the same way Slack has become the
default online chat tool for developers.

Unreal server I am using on Discord has over 1200 users online , countless
dedicate channels and a great deal of Unreal game developers use Blender so
for me Discord by far the best choice for what I am doing.

Also a problem with IRC is that you see people that are online but they
never say a word so they are online but always AFK. In Discord if you are
afk there is a yellow icon to indicate that , from what I am seeing people
participating in Discord tend to be far more active than people
participating in IRC.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 6:46 PM Hilaire <hilaire at drgeo.eu> wrote:

> I just saw Blender developers seems to use IRC (#blendercoders @
> irc.freenode.net), 187 users. Ruby too at #ruby 917 users
> Le 10/02/2017 à 12:29, Dimitris Chloupis a écrit :
> > e) for personal reason.... all my favorite software (Blender, Unreal
> > etc) is using it
> --
> Dr. Geo
> http://drgeo.eu
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