[Pharo-dev] Github notifications for pharo-project redirected to pharo-dev

Dimitris Chloupis kilon.alios at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 07:17:07 EDT 2017

If you use gmail (not just you but any other pharo user reading this),
gmail comes with a very flexible filter system that allow you to group
emails. For example I have a special group for Pharo mailing lists mesages
so they dont mix with my other forums and mailing lists I follow. Once you
set it up, the filter will do the work automatically.  I have also many
othe filters that make sure my gmail never gets cluttered and I can easily
focus on what matters. It took me a couple of hours to setup (mainly
learning and testing) and I have saved hours from distractions I do not
really care about.

So you can do it in such way that it groups all the github messages
concerning pharo, it may be even possible to specialise it even further so
you can even make subgroups of interest concerning github notifications.

Gmail is not the only one to offer such a powerful filtering system, I have
used filters also with Firebird and probably there are many others out
there as well :)

On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 11:01 AM Esteban Lorenzano <estebanlm at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I added pharo-dev mail as my notification address on pharo-project so list
> is informed of what is happening.
> now, this can be a lot (because I receive a lot of mails).
> So we’ll see (at least you will have a glimpse of a small part what I have
> to deal everyday ;) )
> If this does not work I will create a fake user just to suscribe to the
> projects we want :)
> cheers,
> Esteban
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