[Pharo-dev] Esteban's ChangeLog week of 21 August 2017

estebanlm at gmail.com estebanlm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 02:00:08 EDT 2017


This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 21 August 2017 to 27 August 2017.
You can see it in a better format by going here: http://log.smallworks.eu/web/search?from=21/8/2017&to=27/8/2017


22 August 2017:

*    I debugged a crash on the VM (I originally thought it was a Windows bug but turns out is general). 
    But I need some discussion on it before fixing: [http://forum.world.st/bug-when-instantiating-ExternalData-to-return-void-from-FFI-td4963348.html](http://forum.world.st/bug-when-instantiating-ExternalData-to-return-void-from-FFI-td4963348.html)

21 August 2017:

*    I'm back from holidays! 
    But... I spent the full day getting a windows VM to compile (so I can debug iceberg problems) :( 


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