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I already wrote twice: This case was closed on my side. I made my points
clear but it seems you haven't read the whole thread.

*Only because you misquoted me at least twice*, I feel obliged to correct
your false quotations:


> Why is free speech necessarily a national issue?

I NEVER wrote anything like that! It just aint fair to fake statements that
were never made!

Unfortunately the suppression of free speech and even more so the
self-censoring in peoples brains is in some countries, notably my home
country in absence of a first amendment, far more advanced than in others -
and in the US the "old system" is trying hard to achieve the same - look at
all the fakes and lies around Putin bashing. 

But if writers here use the most primitive national cliches I find this
extremely stupid and annoying - espcially for someone like me who has lived
more than half of his life in several other countries. 

2) You should really learn to read and quote exactly, instead of making so
many false allegations, because I also clearly did *NOT* call the JS
"community" idiots but very precisely the people who devloped this language
and the primitive tools without wanting to learn from existing technologies
like in Smalltalk. 

I wrote:

> Why don't want these ignorant idiots who 
> develop
>  JavaScript and its primitive tools refuse to learn from Smalltalk?

Yes, that is my opinion!
/(Though gramatically not quite correct!)/

Because of many good reasons. Actually, nobody should know this better than

The more I am pulled and forced into such useless discussions often bsed on
faked statements the less mood I have to add parts of my projects in the
future. This is partially also the case, because I often have very different
technological opinions not only on documentation. And if two writers tell me
here to start documenting a third person's code, I find this just a bad
silly joke. Yes, I am a documenation fanatic and my very long exprience
tells me that this is totally correct. Failing to document is amateurish in
my view and never ever can any excuse justify this failure!

I do not expect anybody to agree with me but I expect everbody to accepts
other opinions including mine. This wasn't the case here. See what I wrote
about Voltaire at 16. Aug. 14:23.

> I hope you have productive discussions here.

I must strongly doubt that this will be the case. 

And here is one proof why:

I find it most unmasking and eye opening that *there was not a single
comment to my long technical posting* of 16. Aug. 08:34. All reactions were
bashing me for the opinions that I expressed and on my critics, which were
mostly addressing third party subjects (or did anybody here write this supa
dupa forum mailing list?). 

*This proofs: Far more people here are interested in enforcing a social
consensus than they are in discussing technical proposals and innovations.*

Would you call this a good basis for productive technical discussion? I


P.S. I suppose and do hope that you don't read your program code with the
same low degree of precision as you quoted me!

P.S.2:  This was defintely my LAST response to any such off-topic postings
whether fictious or true.

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