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Dimitris Chloupis kilon.alios at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 09:22:22 EDT 2017

calling the system idiotic , you basically say that the people behind this
are idiots. Problem is that you have not much proof to provide any basis
for your arguments and thats plain rude.

World.st forums works, I have used it a lot, before realising that mail was
just more convenient for me.

First of all when I was using it , I did get an email, this is one of the
reason I stopped using it because I got an email for a reply on forum and
another by the mailing list.
In order to subscribe to a thread you have to actually reply on it , maybe
there is also a subscription option I do not remember, but all this is very
standard forum practice.

If a message from the mailing list does not appear in the forum it may
because in some cases the mailing list withholds the message because it
considers it a spam and it awaits approval by the mailing list moderators.

Threads are like on the mailing list based on the title of the email,
usually we do take care to keep the titles consistent , when a discussion
forks the title changes slightly and the forums displays it as separate
thread. However sometimes people do not respect the titles and that can
create a mess but this is not the forum's fault.

"I just ask myself: Why are Smalltalk people with the "best" IDE of all
such a crappy system!?"

I never heard or read any pharoer to refer to Pharo as the best IDE. Maybe
you read it somewhere else, but this is not a popular claim here and
frankly its a silly claim when the problems of Pharo are well known and

Plus what is the best IDE will be based on personal taste, my opinion is
that by very very very far the best IDE is Delphi. But I never liked the
language (Object Pascal) as much as I like Pharo. Lazarus people have done
an amazing job in making a open source fork of it.

Now: Hunt me, shout at me, call me whatever you want! That's fine by me. It
> would be the normal reaction of a crowd if a new sheep dares to criticise
> what the crowd has been doing for long. I don't care!

I have criticised Pharo , many , many times. Pharo devs are not shy to
offer their opinion and we had plenty of heated discussions. We do manage
however to keep this polite and civilised most of the time.

I would hunt you but I don't like sheep meat, its too fat for my taste.

Keep criticising but please keep the name calling to a minimum , Pharo like
the vast majority of open source software depends on the good will of its
contributors and we try to keep them around and tempt new ones by making
the community polite and civilised.

Also I should have started with this in the first place, this mailing list
is strictly for the improvement , bug fixing of Pharo and World.st is not
part of it.
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