[Pharo-dev] Serializers/Encoders

henry henry at callistohouse.club
Mon Aug 14 13:44:51 EDT 2017

I find I do not necessarily have a specific question regarding a specific implementations, but a higher-level question of feasible solution. I need substitutable, type-relevant JSON encoding, perhaps based upon JSON Schemas.

I am looking at ASN1Modules & types, Fuel clusterings/substitutions and NeoJSON clusters & mappers. Is it feasible to bring all these together? I would use ASN1Types, Fuel graph walking/substitutions and NeoJSON encoding and cluster hooks.

Fuel also has Clusters but I see that Fuel encodes these clusters in each encoding. I am torn about this philosophically: good to have self-describing data encoding, but not suitable for JSON, unless just a type-name extension. Lightweight & robust descriptions? Well, this is all Fuel cluster specs within the encoding really is: a type-specification.

The aspect of NeoJSON that has me wondering is the lack of polymorphism in type-spec lookup and recursive substitution. This is where Fuel shines, I feel.

So what is the vision of the end state encoder? Use ASN1 Types as cluster descriptors, Fuel proxification on materializations and NeoJSON encoding and mappers.

Would you have for me guidances in this area?

- HH
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