[Pharo-dev] Anybody using Orca Smalltalk to JavaScript?

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Mon Aug 14 05:04:47 EDT 2017

Hi Frank,

Craig is not working on PharoJS. He works on another project derived from SqueakJS (a project that offers a VM running inside the browser) that also has integration for Pharo.


> On Aug 14, 2017, at 8:38 AM, Frank-B <frank.berger.software at web.de> wrote:
> Hello Craig,
> upfront thank you very much for being willing to respond to my problems and
> questions.
> As I tried to make clear in this and the neighboring thread:
> http://forum.world.st/PharoJS-crashes-at-first-try-td4960686.html
> I am looking for a serious "professional" solution to combine server-side
> Smalltalk with client-side JavaScript, which is sourced in the same
> Smalltalk image that runs the server. This is an essntial part of all of my
> product plans and ideas. I am only in software for mass-markets (Fremium
> principle) and not in customer-centric projects like most Smalltalkers.
> Another important background: My quite large Smalltalk famework contains the
> greatest parts of the data that defines the UI and, second, I have very
> specific plans for the UI in the long run, because the UI decides mostly
> about the success or failure of an application software. 
> There are currently three "candidates": ST2JS, Orca and PharoJS.
> As you can read in the second thread (see link above) the PharoJS image
> failed at first attempt. Therefore my question, are you aware of a working
> image?
> Second, is there anywhere some detailed information available about what
> PharoJS does and, at least basically, how it's done? (Side-remark: This part
> is excellent for Orca, I recommend the Orca papers. Brilliant concepts!)
> Third, are you aware of real-life solutions based on PharoJS?
> I am currently still at the very beginning of my investigations and my very
> first impression of PharoJS was the worst possible: The trial image failed
> at first attempt and, even worse, neither general documentation nor
> code/class comments were available. Both are a no-go for me, being a
> "documentation fanatic" out of very long experience in software development.
> Thank you in advance for a short comment.
> Frank
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