[Pharo-dev] Anybody using Orca Smalltalk to JavaScript?

Frank-B frank.berger.software at web.de
Sun Aug 13 17:18:33 EDT 2017


> Perhaps you might want to explain to me the return on investment of the
> Orca documentation then? Zero users, zero return on investment. 

What are you talking about?!

a) The external documentation of Orca is brilliant. I have not yet had time
to look into the internal comments. So your statement us wrong in this
b) I have no clue how many users Orca has. Only politicians and journalists
are accepted to talk about things that they haven't got any clue of. I am
neither of both.
c) This is an university. Their purpose in life is to teach - and really
also to research, but that has mostly been forgotten.
d) The unique, wise and old German language, that we both speak, has a
unqiue word for it: "Wissenschaft" but they mostly do neiher of both: no or
little "Wissen" (knowledge) and no "schafft" (create). 

It seems to me that Orca is a great and rare exception to thus rule. read
danisch.de to learn more.

> I feel annoyed if you talk in absolutes like that, because I know that
> there are lots of situations where creating documentation is a waste of
> effort. 

a) If someone "feels annoyed" by statements and experiences of somebody
else, this is only and exclusively the problem of the person who claims to
"feel annoyed" - and in most cases a replacement for missing arguments and,
even far worse, an attempt to suppress the freedom of speech. Why don't you
ask your psychiatrist for help (yes, that was nasty, but it fitted in)?
b) To every rule, there may be some exception. Here, they are not worth a
discussion, in my opinion.

> And I have also been bitten by lack of documentation. 

So you should rather agree wtih me! Why don't you?

> And I have even been in a situation where both happened at the same time,
> where a lot of effort was put in creating the wrong kind of documentation.
> Oh, and I even wrote a bit of documentation myself. 

Never heard of the 80:20 rule?

> even wrote a bit of documentation myself

Great! My congratulations. It's hard to suppress the irony in my brain!

> Investing means making decisions. Fully documented non-working code has no
> value. Working code that no-one can use neither. 

Perhaps you ask for the cause(s)?
Lots of people can't distinguish between cause and consequences. Perhaps
this was the case when doc was missing? I don't know the cases you
experienced. And I don't know any similar cases from my past, because ALL
that was developed under my leadership was extremely well documented.

> Your current communication is manipulative: you try to put yourself in a
> dominant position by using absolutes, saying you feel sorry for me, and
> bragging about your experience. That annoys me. If you want to convince
> me, use arguments. 

1) Fisherman's Friends has advertised over years at least in German (I do
not know about other languages) with a phrase that has become a regular
proverb in German: "Sind sie zu stark - bist du zu schwach" - Are they
[here: my argument] too strong, you are too weak".

So if you feel "manipulated" by someone stating his experiences from >35
years in software development, pardon, but that's only your personal
problem, not mine!

2) The same applies to what you call "dominant". All the women that I have
been affiliated closer with, did like and appreciated very much my very
"care-full" (in the original sense of the word) but in situations, which
require this, still somewhat dominant attitude. The word has always been my

3) Finally:

> If you want to convince me, use arguments. 

I have made my points very clear in this and the neighboring thread. Please
just read it and try to understand (but I honestly doubt you want to).

Of please don't come up with this lousy CIA organization that is full of
lies, distortion of facts and suppression of truth (especially in history).
This is the worst part of "Lügenpresse" (even more the German version than
the English one). 

I wrote here before: Truth is the new "hate crime". We are approching times
of suppression that we Germans had twice before both by Socialists (same
today) and behind both were the same people that want to silence us today
again. I shall never surrender to this censorship and I detest eveybody who

Habe die Ehre (if you know what Bavarians really mean with this salutation).


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