[Pharo-dev] Anybody using Orca Smalltalk to JavaScript?

Frank-B frank.berger.software at web.de
Sun Aug 13 14:26:33 EDT 2017


nice ironies! My compliments for this!

I won't comment your attempts to justify the "I contribute for my ego",
which is published as a great Smalltalk system. I have made my point clear!

One comment on this:

> Your first message in this thread is excellent. 

I would expect most intelligent people to be interested in and gratefiul for
honest experience reports and comments on the work one has done, especially
when they come from a very experience collegues who has been in this
business twice as long or more as presumably the majority of people here.
Bur, or course, you are free (but not welcome with me) to have your own very
different opinion like the chicks often being wiser than the hen.

So let me comment this foolishness:

> Creating documentation takes time and effort. That needs to be balanced
> against other priorities. 

I feel sorry for you if you really have not yet understood that proper,
early and complete documentation and comments ARE ONLY an investment in the
code, because they save time and efforts later on, which always pay back -
mostly multiple times. 

With my >35 years in the software business and around 30 years in o-o
technologies it'd be a waste of time to disucss such statements with
somebody who unfortunately has not been tought such core wisdoms at
university. But to me this comes as no surprise, as almost all "teachers" in
the broader sense on universities - at least in Europa - have hardly any
practical experience themselves -  much like the surgeon who has never
performed an appendix operation but wants to teach student how to do it. 
And, of course, the duration of being in a business as such is no guarantee
for expertise but still it increases its probabilty enormously.

After all, you are all trying to point away from the essential questions: 

Why is Pharo giving it's name for an obviously (at first glance) lousy
implemetation where not even the prepared demo parts are runnig out of the
box? Is that ok for you?

And why are we discussing only "my impertinence" to point openly on bugs and
missing documentation!?!?

This is so absurd! 


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