[Pharo-dev] PharoJS crashes at first try

Andreas Wacknitz A.Wacknitz at gmx.de
Sun Aug 13 12:43:19 EDT 2017

Am 13.08.17 um 18:18 schrieb Frank-B:
> Dear Tudor,
> I had expected such answers and I feel sorry to have to waste time on
> defending the unwanted truth.
> You should have noticed how positively I see these activities and how much I
> regret that my experiences were mostly negative. I would like to have
> contributed and I certainly would have a lot in my framework but I don't
> feel that this would be a fruitful ground here. I had given the reasons.
> My impression always was that the majority of contributers here are very
> eager to create a real-word system that could be used for real applications.
> This is why I freely and openly wrote about my impressions and experiences.
> If somebody says: "I program for fun and contribute for my ego" - that's
> absolutely fine with me. But my impressions did NOT reflect such an
> attitude.
> Tudor Girba-2 wrote
>> Hi Frank,
>> Please be more polite with people that contribute open software that you
>> have the option of actually playing with at no cost (other than time).
> The truth is never unpolite - but in these days of Yankee originated
> censorship that is euphemistically called "political correctness" most
> people also in Europe are infected by this madness, so that many people do
> not want to hear any bitter facts any more.
>> Saying that the people from around here lack skills is an unnecessary
> No that is a lie, I did not write that "they lack skills" nor anything
> alike.
> I made clear that most do not document and that  many often do not really
> finish their projects. That has nothing do with skills, rather with
> finishing a task properly or only by 85% or 90% - and that has unfortunately
> often been my impression in the Squeak/Pharo arena.
IMO that is not special to the Squeak/Pharo community. When you look at 
sourceforge or github
you will find a lot abandoned, incomplete or undocumented projects. 
Maybe it's more prominent here
because this community is orders of magnitude smaller than others. When 
you google for a
solution you typically find a bunch of hits for mainstream languages. So 
you can choose between
several alternatives and thus have a high possibility to find something 
working for you,
especially when big companies like Google are involved.


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