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Sat Apr 15 10:51:36 EDT 2017

NorbertHartl wrote
>> Am 15.04.2017 um 15:35 schrieb webwarrior <

> reg@

> >:
>> All major desktop OSes have light theme by default. Most web sites have
>> white
>> or light background and dark text. Almost all PDF documents have white
>> background.
>> Switching between dark and light themed applications puts strain on the
>> eyes. So it's not just aesthetic preference. Dark theme will be
>> uncomfortable to use for most users. "Looking cool" or "being different"
>> is
>> not an excuse.
> But that is not true. Well, I would hope you are right because I don't
> like the dark theme. But to be fair I need to say that what you say is
> only right for things be read, newspapers and web sites. The problem for
> programming is that we use syntax highlighting, hence using a lot of
> colors. And comparing the capability of building contrasts with colors,
> dark colors win, sorry. At least that were the last researches I've read.
> My problem is more the pharo dark theme. I tried to use it the last days.
> But the colors chosen do not work for me. Somehow they are misaligned but
> as I'm not an expert on that topic, I cannot give any valuable input.
> Norbert

I'm not saying that light on dark is bad. I'm saying that switching between
light on dark and dark on light is uncomfortable.
Like when you have to look something up on the web, or read docs/notes, or
move files in file manager, etc.
You're not working in Pharo all the time, right?

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