[Pharo-dev] Esteban’s list of blocking issues for release Pharo 6.0 (updated to April 03)

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 09:00:08 EDT 2017


This are the things I believe still needs to be solved to be able to release Pharo 6.0: 

- win32, cairo fonts problem (I submitted a new VM to test, I think this is fixed :P)
- make all tests pass (there are still some failing tests when compiling a new VM)/.
- libgit2: Still not there, Jan and Ben were trying and sent some suggestions but I still didn’t had the time to test it.


- iceberg still needs to go inside the image, I’m running to release version 0.4 (maybe this week?) and then we can integrate.
- I'm still convinced there is a leak. I need to check this in detail. And of course some help on this… Pavel?… would be cool :)

List is a lot smaller now :)
If everything goes well, we can target to release next week.

- Test the new process and tape some videos explaining how we will contribute with a bootstrapped process using github :)


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