[Pharo-dev] Command Line Arguments

Cyril Ferlicot D. cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 17:57:06 EDT 2016

Le 27/04/2016 22:51, blake watson a écrit :
> Phil, Estevan--
> I think part of what confused me is that there's no printout at all
> under Windows, so Pharo opens and says "Yep, that worked." But there's
> no actual output anywhere.


This is because stdin/stdout/stderr stream does not work on windows :(
There might be a "stderr" file close to your image with the output.

>>>ps: this questions are more for the pharo-users list than pharo-dev :)
> Duly noted. For some reason, I thought that was defunct. (But I had just
> unsubscribed somehow.)

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