[Pharo-dev] Collection with spatiotemporal indexation - Ideas and discussions ?

Cédrick Béler cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 07:39:25 EDT 2016

Hi Pharoers,

For a project I’m starting to prototype, I need collections where objects are inserted according to an index that is a spatiotemporal object.

The idea is that each time a person add an « information" in this collection, he does it a a given place and time and I want to be able to query the collection easily according to place or time (or both).

I’m hacking it right now but I wonder if people have ideas on that subject. I’m also interested in collection that that are indexed by the timestamp of the insertion.

For the implementation of spatiotemporal classe, I choose to use a ZTimestamp and a Geolocation object. Geolocation is quite simple and is responsible among other to get the timezone, but of courses coordinates (or eventually areas).

For the collection, I’m still wandering… Something like an OrderedCollection with another internal array to store associated spatiotemporal(s)… Will hack something but I’d love to hear others ideas.



nb: I really think a spatiotemporal class would be interesting as a general data structure today !

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