[Pharo-dev] Why does not have a standard Tree Structure in Pharo? ( stepharo )

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 05:35:02 EDT 2016

But please notice that FTTreeDataSource is not a “Tree Structure”, and it is not its purpose… FTTreeDataSource is a data source :) a provider of data for visualisation purposes, in a tree way. 
This is very different than been a tree structure… for example, FTTreeDataSource could *contain* a tree structure… or not, it could just calculate children as demanded (for example is browsing a file system), etc.


> On 23 Apr 2016, at 11:10, stepharo <stepharo at free.fr> wrote:
> Ok I see. 
> Indeed. You are right. 
> If you want to help proposing one then we can improve the situation together.
>> Hi Stef,
>> I mean, Tree structure is a standard Data Structure including store, edit and visit. (endorder,preorder).
>> tree as a struture has a set of protocol for operations. 
>> TreeStruture is a class of Dolphin ( it has become an opensource project now ).
>> TreeStructure implements the <treeModel> protocol and organises a collection of objects into a tree like data structure.
>> You can organise the objects with TreeStructure  when need a tree.  Only one class for all applications. I think.
>> But in Pharo , there is no such a standard tree structure. so people makes theri owns. 
>> e.g.
>> FTDataSource subclass: #FTTreeDataSource
>> MorphTreeModel subclass: #SpecTreeModel
>> Model subclass: #MorphTreeModel
>> Dictionary subclass: #KeyedTree  (not real tree)
>> these implements mix tree structure and other attributes. 
>> if we have a standard tree struture, so we can seperate them, make the system become clean and simple.
>> Best Regards!
>> Liang

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