[Pharo-dev] [Pharo5] Status: 23 open issues

marcus.denker at inria.fr marcus.denker at inria.fr
Wed Apr 20 04:34:56 EDT 2016


There are now 23 open issues tagged for Milestone “Pharo5”.


The plan is to release in 2 weeks.

Please check if

- all these issues are real show-stoppers. The idea is that e.g. everything that was already a problem
in Pharo4 can not be a showstopper, as we did release Pharo4…

- Did you report an issue that is not listed here? New issues are do now pre-fill the form with “Pharo6”,
but then, if an issue was reported e.g. last week and nobody realised it was in the wrong milestone, 
I guess it can be said that this issue by default is not a show-stopper…

- If you have this “obvious” bug that is so obvious that you did not even report it: Keep in mind that it
will *not* be fixed as we do not know about it. It does not exist.


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