canc/del closes windows

Davide Varvello varvello at
Thu Apr 7 08:24:04 EDT 2016

Hi Ben,

With "it disappears" I intend that weird behaviour. It happens sometimes, I
can't show you a screenshot because it's random. 

Usually, I'm on a system browser or on a playground and I hit the delete key
and the window closes itself. 
If I'm lucky and I have just written something without saving and I click on
the delete key, it appears the alert window: "Code has been modified. What
do you want to do?", so I close the alert, click the cmd key and then I can
click the delete key to cancel my writings.


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>> Hi Guys,
>> Is it only me that sometimes hitting canc/del closes the current window?
>> It's really annoying, I'm on a mac and I guess it's related to cmd button
>> because if I click the cmd button afterward, it disappears (until next
>> time).
>> I tried also on several macs but the result is the same.
> Hi David, I haven't used Pharo on a mac for a while, but I don't
> remember experiencing this, though I can't quite picture your
> scenario.  Could you provide a screen snapshot?  When you say "it"
> disappears, could you clarify what "it" is?
> cheers -ben

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