[Pharo-dev] [ bloc ] I do not understand why some behavior is not in the right place

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Wed Apr 6 08:49:42 EDT 2016

ok let me know when you have a new "stable" version so that I try my 


Le 4/4/16 23:21, Andrei Chis a écrit :
> Hi Stef,
> Currently there was a distinction between Shape and Path which turn 
> out to be confusing. So Shape will go away and there will be just a 
> Path (line, circle, rectangle, etc).  We started to refactor this 
> during the PharoDays. And yes, Rectangle will be polymorphic with Path.
> BlElement does support clipping and click detection by paths but right 
> now they were implicit and you needed to subclass BlElement to 
> override them independently. We'll change this so one can set them 
> independently in BlElement.
> Yes, BlElement had a default path for drawing but that will go away. 
> By default BlElement will have an empty drawOn... method. So to create 
> a custom widget you can subclass BlElement, override drawOn... and use 
> the canvas to draw anything you wish.
> There will be a subclass of BlElement that will add more drawing 
> oriented logic but BlElement will be independent of that.
> Yes, the API of the canvas is not perfect but we're improving.
> Cheers,
> Andrei
> On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM, stepharo <stepharo at free.fr 
> <mailto:stepharo at free.fr>> wrote:
>     I saw in bleedingEdge it is different and looks better.
>     Now I was wondering why shape did not do the rendering and I
>     thought that this is may be because a shape can be used for doing
>     something else
>     than rendering. For example clipping or as igor mentioned defining
>     the shape of the interaction
>     drawOnSpartaCanvas: aCanvas
>         "Actually render receiver on aCanvas in local bounds.
>         Override to customize.
>         aCanvas is an instance of AthensCanvas
>         aCanvas must not be nil"
>         self assert: self shape path context isNotNil.
>         aCanvas
>             clipPreserveBy: self shape during: [
>                 aCanvas paintGroup: [
>                     aCanvas setPaint: self shape fillPaint.
>                     aCanvas fillPreserve.
>                     aCanvas paintMode source.
>                     aCanvas setStrokePaint: self shape strokePaint.
>                     aCanvas stroke ] ]
>     unprotectedFullDrawOnSpartaCanvas: aCanvas
>         "Draw the full structure on the given Canvas withing drawing
>     bounds
>         without caring about any errors and visibility. I am
>     responsible for
>         clipping and transforming canvas's path to local coordinates
>         to allow simpler actual drawing in drawOnAthensCanvas:
>         Additional checks should be implemented in fullDrawOnAthensCanvas:
>         aCanvas is an instance of AthensCanvas.
>         aCanvas must not be nil.
>         @see BlElement>>#fullDrawOnAthensCanvas:
>         @see BlElement>>#drawOnAthensCanvas:"
>         self shape adaptTo: self.
>         self shape path context: aCanvas.
>         aCanvas
>             transform: self transformation
>             during: [
>                 self clippingStrategy
>                     clip: self
>                     on: aCanvas
>                     during: [ self drawOnSpartaCanvas: aCanvas ]
>                     childrenDuring: [ self drawChildrenOnSpartaCanvas:
>     aCanvas ] ]

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